ROCCAT - Elo 7.1 Air Wireless Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset w/24hr Battery bb
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ROCCAT - Elo 7.1 Air Wireless Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset w/24hr Battery bb

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The innovation from ROCCAT you know and love propelled to another level by the industry expertise of Turtle Beach. The #1 global leader in gaming audio, Turtle Beach’s technologies are now exclusively available to ROCCAT and make the best even better. The Elo 7.1 Air boasts ROCCAT’s Stellar Wireless technology for data transmission as good as – and in many cases better than – wired and a battery life that lasts the typical gamer over a week. Gone are the days of compromising when going wireless, the Elo 7.1 Air marks a new dawn for cable-free gameplay with its impressive feature set. Its 7.1 surround sound is powered by precision-tuned 50mm drivers and features Superhuman Hearing technology to boost critical in-game audio. Superior memory foam and a self-adjusting metal headband give you a unique, weightless fit that’s full of style thanks to AIMO lighting. The removable TruSpeak mic completes the package of a high-end wireless gaming headset.

  • LONG-LIFE 24-HOUR BATTERY Stellar Wireless technology equips gamers with over a week of play time. And connectivity is as good as wired for completely hassle-free, dependable gaming in every situation.
  • DYNAMIC FIT Gamers come in all shapes and sizes but the Elo 7.1 Air ensures a perfect fit no matter what. A self-adjusting metal headband and rotating earcup hinges for added flexibility create a weightless fit unique to you
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT Superior memory foam ear cushioning featuring Turtle Beach’s proprietary ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System features dual-foam ear cushions, with softer foam in the section that rests against your glasses, alleviating pressure and allowing gamers with glasses to play in comfort
  • EXCEPTIONAL 7.1 SURROUND Precision-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers deliver exceptional 7.1 surround sound way ahead of the competition. We call it visual audio because the 360° sound characteristics let you pinpoint enemy locations for a clear competitive advantage
  • BOOSTS CRITICAL IN-GAME SOUNDS Switch on Superhuman Hearing® for stereo or 7.1 modes to automatically boost critical in-game sounds. More audio advantage over your opponents means you can hear better to win more
  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR COMMUNICATION TruSpeak™ microphone technology ensures your voice sounds the same in the digital world as it does in the real world. The unidirectional, noise-cancelling mic is also detachable for added convenience.
  • AIMO INTELLIGENT LIGHTING ENGINE The AIMO illumination ecosystem takes your setup to another level by adding organic light. It synergizes with other AIMO-compatible devices to create a vivid, state-of-the-art aesthetic without the need for extensive configuration.
  • MIC MONITORING TECHNOLOGY Adjustable mic monitoring so you can hear the level of your own voice to prevent shouting into the mic. An on-ear adjustment monitor wheel makes adjustments easy